Saturday, December 1, 2007

My neighbors dog may be suffering from dumbness.

I've lived where I'm living for a minute now(more on that in the future). The next door neighbor's dog continues to bark at me like a complete stranger. This dog hangs out right next to my favorite cigarette spot. I've come to the conclusion that the dog may be dumb. I've tried to sweet talk the dog, bribe the dog with food, cuss, and be quiet without success. This dog is of the smaller variety and is suffering from little dog disease..I guess? A few months ago the Animal Control department of our fine city showed up outside my neighbor's house. I'd like to think that other neighbors reported the possibility that this dog is in stage 3 dumbness and could go at any minute. I remember when my dog (Brandy R.I.P) used to keep that dog in check. I don't hate the dog. I just prefer not to be barked at every morning @ 7:30 am while I'm having a smoke.

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Jesse as is. said...

That was a great article Jesse!