Saturday, December 1, 2007

Bicyclists that think they are cars

I find nothing more hilarious to see while driving then a dude on a bike,in a turning lane, waiting at the stop light. Every time I see this I think to myself " this dude thinks he's a car?" I can imagine the internal dialogue going on inside the bicyclists head while they risk their lives maneuvering through traffic:" I'm a car..I'm a car..become the car." I'm not sure why this entertains me so much. I do know that if I'm riding a bike at 5pm on a Tuesday in the Financial District I ain't trying to be a bike that thinks he's a car. Every time the light turns green we (all of us drivers) have to go out of our way to avoid running their dumb asses over because they pedal slower than our 5oo horses. Blinking red light or no blinking red light...Cal trans vest or no vest...even if you were wearing are not a car.

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