Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Winning a radio contest with a pre-paid cell is difficult.

I admit, I have a pre-paid cell phone. I originally got it when I had bad credit. The credit has gotten better over the years..but I've decided to stick with it. It's 50$ a overage..sounds f it. I heard an announcement on the radio that you could win a ticket to a private show with Alicia Keys. I have not had the urge to play a radio contest in years. I wanted to win this one, for obvious reasons (she is beautiful and talented). I dialed the number as quick as I could. Here's the thing..when you dial a number on a pre-paid cell phone a lady comes on and gives you an announcement of how many hours you have left and when your next bills due. This announcement takes about 30 seconds..the longest 30 seconds of your life when you're trying to get through and win something. As I sat there waiting for the announcement to end I thought to myself, "maybe this will connect right when the line opens." I was again, sat through the reminder lady...and...busy signal. I'm getting a regular plan tonight.

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