Tuesday, December 4, 2007

That song is the truth.

I went to the class I go to on Tuesdays. It involves peddling for an hour and not moving an inch. I take this class because: 1. I feel like shit if I don't and 2. see number 1. Today there was about 9 females and myself. The instructor usually plays a cool mix of music. Today was " booty mix" day. The kind of music that yells " shake that monkey " among other commands. I don't have any problem with this music, or any music for that matter. The class starts, we're peddling, and on comes Pit Bull and the Ying Yang twins. Then it happens..the chant comes on over the beat..." Face down..ass up..that's the way we like to fuck!" This was full blast, most definitely not in a club, and with a few older ladies in attedance. This DJ decided to mix that chant for about a minute over the mix. I almost fell off my bike laughing. I laughed because I was in a class of all females and I could feel their collective stare burning me up. I laughed because I agreed. I laughed because all the females knew that sh*t was true.


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