Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Beanie Joke.

I'm a minority and have a shaved head. When it gets cold I've been known to rock a beanie. Unlike most white people, I don't look like I'm going christmas caroling or skiing when wearing a beanie. To be honest, I probably look like a thug. My intention is not to " thug it out, " but to keep my ears from freezing and breaking off. I have always been entertained by the reactions I get. Just the other day I stopped at the gas station near my office to get smokes. There was a dude (white) gassing his Bentley GT as I pulled up. As soon as I jumped out of my car he hurriedly finished and took off. I drive a decent car (2k7 Mustang), wear decent clothes, and work in a nice area. I was wearing my badge for christ's sake. Experience tells me he was either one of two things:

1. late
2. scared

My gut instinct has me leaning towards the latter..and that makes me laugh.

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